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Models – Chloe Valentine

Models – Chloe Valentine


Chloe Valentine
Chloe Valentine


About Me:

I’m Chloe Valentine, a chameleon of sorts both in the modelling and photography industry. I like to see myself as a jack of all trades as I love doing diverse looks and styles.  I have a passion for modelling and have been doing it properly as a semi-professional model working up to art nude. 

I have come from a background of creatives, my mother had been a hobbyist photographer; and my brother an artist (I once modelled a dress he had made on a course).  So I guess this route was my way to go;  I have a passion for what I do, and have a variety of outfits, make up, wigs and costumes to help challenge me to continue progressing. 


With over 100 various publications from modelling, and venturing into doing some photography publications – you can view them all at my website at: https://www.ivyvxlentine.com

Chloe Valentine Modelling Portfolio:



Photography Portfolio:



I look forward to working with you at some point!  Be it at a studio day or for a regular shoot there!


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