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Inspiring Models and Content Creators

Inspiring Models and Content Creators

Models and Content Creators…



New to Modelling?

Starting out with quality images in your portfolio is important for the best start into the industry. Clearly stand out against those who stumble in with a portfolio of selfies and snaps taken by friends or hobbyists. If someone is happy to ‘produce your portfolio’ for free then it speaks masses to the quality of their product.

I am happy to provide quotes for professional portfolio photoshoots and to help get you on your way with a really good start!

Established Models

I am happy to help refresh portfolios, fill out the empty spaces, or provide shots for agencies. I can also arrange, manage and host commercial studio days and workshops for you. Also, for those who have enough following and a strong will to promote, I am looking to produce merchandise including apparel, posters, calendars, books and more on a collaborative, profit sharing basis.

Creators & Creatives

I am happy to work with creators and creatives on many types of photography related projects, including brand and image development, publicity images, social feeds, content and more. It doesn’t really matter what you create, I am happy to provide the imagery to compliment your own unique creativity.

Limited TFP Shoots

Models and content creators, I also offer a limited amount of TFP* shoots . These shoots are open only to people who have the right look and will suit my creative concepts, and where the shoot will help us both expand our portfolios. You don’t necessarily have to be a model or be experienced if you have the look I’m after and the right type of art inside you. Obviously I can only take on shoots this way if they suit my own requirements as much as they do yours.

Published Work & FeedbackModels and Content CreatorsModels and Content Creators

You want to know you are working with a capable and professional photographer who has worked with many models and content creators, so check out my published work and my feedback before you go any further. With my studio spaces and my skills improving all the time, I am always looking for upwardly motivated models and content creators to work with.

So, Now…

I am always happy to find new faces to work with, and always interested in a new creative challenge… so send me a message me if any of this sounds like you. Don’t forget to include links to your portfolio, website or socials.

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I have included pages for some of the models I work with, please take a look:

Ed Akay

Chloe Valentine

Jade Alexandra


* TFP: “Time for Print”, a somewhat outdated term from the photographic film days when all images were in printed form. Time for Print is an arrangement where no money changes hands and both parties are paid solely by use of the resulting images; each party gives their time for the resulting ‘prints’.