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Published Photography

Published Photography

A Small Sample of My Published Photography


I have been very fortunate that my images have been so well received by magazine publications around the world. While my images have been seen inside magazines across several countries, they have also been featured as front covers on a fairly frequent basis too with magazine titles that range across fashion, fitness, creativity, photography and artistic genres.




With Thanks

With special thanks to all the magazines that have featured my work, including but not exclusively limited to, and in no specific order,  Midas Touch Magazine (FB) –  TheUntoldMagazineLeDesirMagazineOpiumRedMagazineBeauticaMagazineSwankyMagazineStyleCruzFantasticalLensMagazineSurrealMag


Published Photography Midas Touch Mag US Fitness Edition Front Cover May 2024

Published Photography Le Désir Front Cover October 2022

Published Photography Surreal Mag Front Cover February 2023

Published Photography Le Désir Magazine September 2022


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