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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

Products Produced by Gelato.com

If you should have any problems with any products you have ordered from this website, please contact us immediately and provide order details along with a clear description of the problem, including photos to illustrate where relevant. We will do everything we can to resolve the problem for you with the help of our product and print supplier, Gelato.com.

Gelato.com operate on a strict 30 days policy regarding product and order problems, so if there is a problem to resolve then please don’t waste time in reporting it. 

Refunds and Returns

All products available for purchase on this website or via any Jason Reading Photography service or representative are Gelato.com products printed with imagery designed by Jason Reading Photography. Orders placed with Jason Reading Photography are final once placed and paid for unless Gelato.com decides otherwise.

All fulfilment of orders, including product design, product testing, manufacture, printing, packaging and shipping is carried out by Gelato.com and its contributors, and as such Jason Reading Photography (including its website, services and all representatives of Jason Reading Photography) cannot process any returns or refunds on products and deliveries or be deemed to have any responsibility therein.

Any product issues or delivery issues can only be dealt with by Gelato.com as they are the company/service providing the product and delivery. Jason Reading Photography can only pass information between parties in these matters.