My Studio

So far, my home studio space has only been used by me. The plan is to make the studio available for hire, studio days, workshops and more. For the while, refurbishments continue and the space is becoming increasingly useable. I am now starting to plan some studio days.

The Spaces

Based in the home environment , the studio offers:

  • Simple white studio space approx 7.5 x 3.5 metres (shown below)
  • Decorative living room space approx 4 x 4 metres
  • Boudoir space
  • Deck and patio space

Coming Soon:

  • Cocktail bar (no, not for drinking, but it’s a great background!)
  • Large and stylish dining room shoot space
  • Swimming pool, patio, deck and summerhouse space


My studio equipment is a growing list.

Current equipment includes:

  • 2 Godox AD200 Pro lights with X Pro-S (Sony) and X2T-C (Canon) triggers
  • 3 mini pioneer 300DI studio lights with grid, barn door and universal centre-pin trigger
  • 2 basic hotshoe flashes
  • 3 light stands, one with boom
  • 4 soft boxes
  • 2 large strip soft boxes with grids
  • 1 beauty box
  • 2 multi reflectors
  • Umbrellas, silver, white and multi
  • Various colour gels
  • Smoke machine
  • 3 backdrop stands (2m, 2m and 3m)
  • 3 small backdrop cloths, black, white & green
  • 1 large vinyl backdrop, reversible black & white
  • 1 large backdrop cloth, dark grey
  • Various other cloths and sheets for backdrops
  • 1 pop-up backdrop with stand, reversible pink & blue

There are many more things I could list, but this gives you an idea.

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