Models & Creators

Part of my business is based on creating online content telling my photography story and my learnings along the way, I also produce merchandise too.

To create my content I offer a limited amount of TFP shoots (without any exchange of money). Each party gets use of the images to use for their own personal promotional use.

For these type of shoots I am looking for people who have the right look and will suit my creative concepts. You don’t necessarily have to be a model or be experienced if you have the look I’m after and the right type of art inside you.¬†Obviously¬†I can only take on shoots this way if they suit my own requirements as much as they do yours.

Also, for those who have enough following and a strong will to promote, I am looking to produce merchandise including calendars and books. These projects are done on a collaborative, profit sharing basis.

If you are interested then contact me and include links to your portfolio, website or socials.

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