Follow Me On My Journey

It’s been a really amazing journey so far. I have wanted to be a “professional photographer” for many years, but it always seemed so far reached as an idea. Then one day it just happened. I found my calling, photographing people.

In less than two years, and with COVID getting in the way too, I have gone from hobbyist photographer of buildings, sunsets, trees, flowers, tractors and animals, to fashion, boudoir, creative and cosplay photographer with 70 shoots and counting, loads of new skills, many great new friends and colleagues, and published over 20 times.

Saying all that, I’ve only just started. Despite my successes, I know I still have very, very much to learn, and that is exactly what I plan on doing.

It really has been the most amazing couple of years, so I invite you to join me to catch up with the journey so far and also for the rest of the way!

I am providing a full access insight into my photography, behind the scenes, the how to’s, the kit, the setup and all. I am covering the here and now and alongside that I am backfilling the last two years of shoots as well.

I chose to turn my photography into content and share it on Patreon so that I could fund my journey and retain artistic scope rather than going the more obvious route and becoming a commercial, portrait or wedding photographer, so please help me make this work! There’s going to be lots of great fun shoots, lots of content and lots of great experience to be had!

There’s a range of tiers, with really great prices, suited to people who just like seeing the images in their full glory, right through to those who want to know everything, get discounts on studio days and have Q&As online.

You’ve heard it enough times before; photography is expensive, so please subscribe and help to support my photographic journey. I look forward to seeing you there.

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